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Naomi Blayney

Hello! I am an aspiring author and illustrator based in the north east of England in historic Durham City. I love to travel and have visited many far flung places but I'm always happy to come home to my little corner of the world. 


In recent years I have been particularly inspired by my two daughters Nina and Zara. Their positive outlook on life is so refreshing and their boundless energy keeps me on my toes.


I have been a landscape artist for many years, using traditional pen and ink. I took my inspiration from my local area with its historic buildings such as the 11th century cathedral and its beautiful surroundings. Since having children I have been immersed in children's picture books which prompted a change of artistic focus to illustration. I have embraced digital art with my illustrations but still use many of the traditional techniques I have developed over the years. 


I have also written several children's stories which I hope to have published soon and I am hard at work creating the illustrations for those stories.


As you can see I am in the process of building my illustration portfolio so I do hope that you check back again soon to see my progress. I also like to post my progress work on instagram.


If you would like to contact me about a commission or anything else please use my contact page or email

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